Monday, March 3, 2008


okay. so I need to tell you all about several unbelievable things that have happened since I've been in chicago. some are amazing, some are insanely disappointing, some are hilarious...and the only word I can think of to describe them all is "unbelievable." but believe it dudes. believe it.

1. i saw this band Bang Camaro at the Annex on Thursday night (read my dane101 review of it here. It's not too shabby). As it turned out, they were going to be playing at the double door friday night, so emil and i decided we'd go check them out. because they were one of the greatest bands I've ever seen in my life. Anyhow, they're the last band out of three to play, so we show up at about 11:45. and they were effing finished already! are you kidding me? does anybody even know how to party anymore? Finished before midnight...that is like the least rocking thing you can do. I was unbelievably disappointed. See? Unbelievable.

2. My mother wakes me up at 9 am on Saturday and tells me to go look out the window. There, in the backyard, are four full grown deer. They're eating out of the bird feeder, chasing each other around in the snow, and one is every laying down under a tree. Like it's in its own living room or something. Just hanging out, in the snow, in my parents backyard. Finally, I get to describe animals as "so beautiful." Because they really were.

3. Emil and I go to visit Jiddu, our grandfather, who unfortunately, has been a little out of it lately. He doesn't speak or understand too much English, so Emil is translating incredibly well between the two of us. He really was amazing. Anyhow, the best part was when Emil told Jiddu that he was going on vacation to Mexico later that day. Jiddu looked at him kind of blankly for a minute, then responded with "faruja?" Basically, he was asking if Emil was taking his "Faruja" with him to Mexico. Faruja translates literally into "small baby chicken, 8, maybe 9 weeks old." Jiddu was referring to Emil's girlfriend, Mladenka, because she looks like faruja. Come on now...hilarious.

4. I drank a martini whilst showering. Not whilst in the bath, mind you. I'm not a character on Sex and the City, thanks very much. In the shower. My dad made Cosmopolitans to calm everybody down at some point, and I took mine to the shower. I am awesome.

5. I hung out with a friend from high school who I barely knew, except we'd had one class together over ten years ago, but haven't talked since then, and we got along more famously than almost anybody ever. Seriously.

I think that's it. Goddamn, Chicago. You really did one over on me this time.

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