Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Lovely Little Christmas Tree

You know what? Nobody ever told me how sad it is to take down a christmas tree alone! I mean, I should have guessed; with all the magical joy I felt whilst looking at my tree every night for the last few weeks, it should have been obvious that literally eliminating this joy provider would be sort of depressing. I guess I just didn't want to acknowledge the truth. 

Oh, yeah. No big deal. It's just that...I had my first christmas tree this year! Backing up a bit - I've always been a huge fan of christmas decorations. I obsess over my parents' tree and make sure to put every ornament they own somewhere on the tree. My favorites to include are the three little animal dolls that my parents had at their first christmas together, as well as the numerous beautiful crafty ornaments my sister made over the years (see more about those here). I love, love, LOVE my parents' tree. I mean, who wouldn't? Look at it!
So, it's kind of weird that I've never had my own tree. This year, I decided I'd buy one. I scoped out the beautiful trees at my students' houses, did a little online research, and finally took a Friday evening trip to Target with my boyfriend, Andy, to do some shopping. Sadly, however, this shopping trip led me to eventually find out the sad truth: christmas trees are expensive, man! I mean, yes, it was peak season and all, but wow. Ca$h money, amiright gals?!

I sadly decided and told Andy that I'd just buy one on clearance at the end of the season. I must have looked like a total pathetic sad sack at that moment. So much, in fact, that my dear and lovely boyfriend showed up at my apartment later that night very own christmas tree!!! He secretly went back to Target later in the evening and bought me a beautiful, wonderful tree that conveniently unfolds in three separate pieces. Look!

I love it! It was easy to put together, and pretty skinny, but seven feet tall! Yep, seven feet. It nearly hits my ceiling. Is it a rational choice for my apartment? No, not at all. But do I love it beyond belief? Duh.
My mom tipped me off about the cheap christmas sales at Michael's, which is a store I usually never set foot in because I hate arts and crafts. I can't explain why, but ugh, bored. I can't handle doing crafts. Anyhow, look at all this glittery stuff that you can stick right in the tree!
Lovely Andy also brought me some of the funny ornaments that he had laying around his house for some reason. Probably gifts from his aunties.

Here, have a look at the rest of my lovely tree!
This was hanging on a wine bottle a good friend of mine gave me at the holidays a few years ago. Until I had a tree, it hung on my bookshelf. Joy can hang anywhere!

Oh, my brilliant cousin Layla sent me this squirrel ornament after I had a squirrel in my apartment. Yep, times I want to remember. Thanks, Layla. Thanks a lot. =)
This handy ornament came right on the tree! Fancy that!
Handmade snowflake from one of my students a few years back.
Cookie ornament that I received this year! It's Norwegian, and I'm not sure if it's edible. Hmm, it's probably not. Into the box it goes!

Handmade snowflake from the same Norwegian family, from a few years back.
Here it is, all lit up!

Yep, right in the middle of my living room. I didn't play piano for the whole time this was up because I couldn't pull the bench out or reach the keyboard, but it was pretty much worth it.
View from laying on the couch and looking up at my lovely tree. Best gift I received this year, from somebody who obviously knows me very well. 

Coming home to this little lit-up tree after working late on cold winter nights was such a lovely way to end my evenings. I am so grateful to have had it lighting up my apartment for the last few weeks. Next year, perhaps I'll plan ahead and move a table so that the tree can fit in a corner, as opposed to taking up most of the floor space in my living room. Or not. Either way, I'll be happy.