Friday, June 27, 2008

Get Your Hair Did

Oh my god. OH MY GOD. SO my friend Katie put this album on facebook of herself with various new hairstyles, thanks to this wonderful website. I don't really even think I need to explain very much else. Thanks Katie!

And by the way, my face looks stupid like that on purpose. It helps with the crazy lady look.

Have a go at it!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

We R Not Al 1

There used to be a store on Atwood Avenue called Uptown Grillz. I'm serious. Unfortunately, it recently closed. I guess the grill market in Madison just doesn't bring about enough business to warrant an entire store.

On a more positive note, the neighborhood has welcomed a new store this week: Spiritual Vibes. Again, I'm serious. That's the name of the store.

To quote Genia:

I can't believe Madison still gets stores like this. What is this, 1960?

Or 1993, eh Genia? I distinctly remember shopping at stores called Isis Rising and...I don't know...probably a place called Planet Earth. Goddess Central. I loved those places. They sold crystals and incense burners in the shapes of goddesses.

But really. It's 2008! Until about 3 months ago there was a store on Willy St. called Cosmic Object. The storefront windows contained aliens and other space paraphernalia. 2008 guys. Get with the times.

By the way, the title of this blog is inspired by my little brudder Emil who used it as his aol email address. I read it as "we are not all one" but he insists that it's "we are not alone." At

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tumbling is Better Than Pumping

I think there was something about running into two olders unexpectedly that made me choose not to run into another older expectantly. Does that make sense?

I was planning on going somewhere tonight where I knew I would 100% see somebody from my past who was a big deal when he was in my life and a bigger deal when he was not supposed to be in it. And it's weird, because I thought I'd been angry and scared for over a year, but recently I found out I wasn't. How bout it. And it made tonight seem easier.

But I didn't go. Because I think I was already shaken up enough from the earlier unplanned run-ins that occurred today, and as confident as I felt about this one being fine, I'm a cautious, cautious lady lately.

I'm trying to keep a close watch.

Yikes. How vague. I hate that. So I will counteract with the following:

Last night at Mickey's I hung out with Genia and Schabow and Shane and his handsome friend Adam. Handsome Adam. Hadam. Hadsome? Adsome. This is a tough one. Anyhow, Shane and Adam informed us of a wonderful video about pumping...remember pumping? It's when somebody is wearing a long sleeved shirt and they put one arm inside the shirt, but the sleeves go together in a loop with the other hand holding the opposite sleeve. The the hand inside the shirt "pumps" like a cartoon heartbeat, alternating with the hand in the sleeve, which creates a loop round the pumping. Jesus. Okay, just watch:

I totally did it in the mirror in the bathroom by myself. Everybody rules.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gems From Chicago

Here are some things my dad has said this weekend:

1. We're watching Iron Chef and one of the judges has kind of long hair. Nothing out of control...just a bit long. All the judges were arguing with each other and I said to dad "they're all so bitchy!" To which he replies "you know what I'd do with them? I'd start with the long haired one, and I'd go and cut his hair. Then at least his brain would be able to breathe and maybe he'd do some thinking for once."

2. He turns the word "convertible" into "confartible."

3. On NPR they're talking about Big Blue Ball, the Peter Gabriel album that's a collaboration of a bunch of artists. My dad says "blue balls? Is that what they get when they fight and kick each other in the balls?" Later in the night we were talking about the lottery, and I mentioned the Powerball game we have in Wisconsin. I heard my dad giggling quietly to himself. Powerballs.

4. "All you children should go live in the Eastern Block and teach those people about choice." This was about me saying to mom that we should let the guests choose whether they want mango lemonade or blackberry juice. Because it's the new millennium, and we have choices now.

Oh damn. There were more. I'll try and remember.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


You know when you're texting and you have the auto-spell-guess setting on? I'm pretty sure that's the official name of it. There are certain words that are spelled using the same number key (because there's three letters on every number, see?) so you may be trying to text the word "of" and it shows up as "me."

food = done
home = good
of = me
if = he
go = in
find = dime = dine = fine
rock = soak = sock
crab = arab

There are a billion more that I can't think of. Feel free to add on.

This morning I was texting the word "burrito," because, duh, why wouldn't I be? And it came up as "auspito." For real? Why would "auspito," a totally fake word, show up before "burrito," a valid and spectacular word. What gives?? What is auspito? Is it the noun form of auspicious?

That guy over there, he is a total auspito.

Or maybe it's an Italian businessman. I could see that.

I'm meeting these three auspitos at the bar later and I have a feeling I'm gonna get the business sense, because they're investors and will most likely help to finance my newest business endeavor! ZING!

Damn damn damn.

Monday, June 9, 2008


One Second Time Machine

Somebody recently told me "your brain rocks" after I described a particular dream to them. I liked hearing that, and I thought I'd let the internizzle in on it. So come on in.

There will be some brilliance in there, I promise you. There already is. 

brains and guts

What's in my brains:
I go to therapy and find myself explaining to my therapist about things like myspace and facebook and gmail chat. I watch her as she tries to decipher it all and get why it's somehow important in my life. She doesn't judge, but I feel kind of foolish saying it all. 

I've been wondering if this is an acceptable/comfortable/satisfying form of communication to me anymore if I'm feeling foolish about it. 

But here it is, all in a blog. On the internizzle. What do you think of that?

To be so conscious of when I sign into something, how often I look at certain people or things, what else is going on in other lives, or at least the stories that are told on fucking social networking just feels kind of stupid sometimes. care about any of it at all, or to believe that it's the same as regular face to face conversation.

Building any kind of personal relationship through "chatting" just seems half-assed and lacks much feeling or meaning. It's just not going to work.

I know it's all been written and thought about before, but still. It's in me brains right now.

What's in my guts:
A lot of cheese in various forms, rosemary potatoes from the Old Fashioned, and apple juice from the unbelievably amazing piano recitals from earlier in the day. And two vodka tonics.

More from the brain:
Blog dedicated to sammiches!!!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Funny Things I Saw Today

*An old woman riding a bike with a tiny collie in the front basket and two tiny collies in the back basket
*A guy on a motorcycle listening to Rick Astley extremely loudly
*A kid picking his nose at a violin recital
*A kid pretending to conduct at a violin recital (that one never gets old)
*A girl who yelled out "BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP HAD SOME BLACK WOOL" right before she played her song at the same recital.
*My bangs, which get very curly and S-shaped in the slightly warm weather
*Three episodes of Fat Albert

Yes, this all happened today. What a day.

Madison people: Piano Recitals one week from today! Let me know if you want to come.