Thursday, June 26, 2008

We R Not Al 1

There used to be a store on Atwood Avenue called Uptown Grillz. I'm serious. Unfortunately, it recently closed. I guess the grill market in Madison just doesn't bring about enough business to warrant an entire store.

On a more positive note, the neighborhood has welcomed a new store this week: Spiritual Vibes. Again, I'm serious. That's the name of the store.

To quote Genia:

I can't believe Madison still gets stores like this. What is this, 1960?

Or 1993, eh Genia? I distinctly remember shopping at stores called Isis Rising and...I don't know...probably a place called Planet Earth. Goddess Central. I loved those places. They sold crystals and incense burners in the shapes of goddesses.

But really. It's 2008! Until about 3 months ago there was a store on Willy St. called Cosmic Object. The storefront windows contained aliens and other space paraphernalia. 2008 guys. Get with the times.

By the way, the title of this blog is inspired by my little brudder Emil who used it as his aol email address. I read it as "we are not all one" but he insists that it's "we are not alone." At


Daniella Maria said...

ha, omg, i totally saw that store. least they could do is come up with a better god damned name. as if all the tie-die and dream catchers in the windows weren't enough to let you know that its a store for hippies.

Reem Tara said...

What name could be better than SPIRITUAL VIBES???

KalebOrHannah said...

Is Shakti still in business on State Street? Now that's a place to get yr crystalz.

Reem Tara said...

Yeah, they are. One time a kid and an adult were walking by and the kid kind of freaked out and started yelling "I DON'T WANT TO GO IN THAT STORE. IT SMELLS FUNNY!"

I think it was the incense.