Thursday, June 19, 2008


You know when you're texting and you have the auto-spell-guess setting on? I'm pretty sure that's the official name of it. There are certain words that are spelled using the same number key (because there's three letters on every number, see?) so you may be trying to text the word "of" and it shows up as "me."

food = done
home = good
of = me
if = he
go = in
find = dime = dine = fine
rock = soak = sock
crab = arab

There are a billion more that I can't think of. Feel free to add on.

This morning I was texting the word "burrito," because, duh, why wouldn't I be? And it came up as "auspito." For real? Why would "auspito," a totally fake word, show up before "burrito," a valid and spectacular word. What gives?? What is auspito? Is it the noun form of auspicious?

That guy over there, he is a total auspito.

Or maybe it's an Italian businessman. I could see that.

I'm meeting these three auspitos at the bar later and I have a feeling I'm gonna get the business sense, because they're investors and will most likely help to finance my newest business endeavor! ZING!

Damn damn damn.


Luai said...

its called T9Word, but a funny story about it.

Jen was at home on a vacation day but was still logged onto Yahoo IM, and she was IMing with some guy here at work. So he went to her desk looking for her but she wasnt there, so he asked her new boss (who had only been with the company for about a month) where she was. he said she was on PTO (paid time off) and asked him if she was logged on IM, he said yes. So then her boss texted her saying I know you are doing work, Mike told me you were logged in, now log off and stop working on your day off. So she wanted to text him back saying "did he rat me out" but the T9word filled in "did he eat me out" and she sent it so quickly that she only saw what she had typed as it was being sent.

Funny story, asking your boss if another coworker eaten you out. damn T9Word.

Reem Tara said...

HAHAHA!! Oh my god. I remember being on AOL and IMing somebody and instead of saying "I'm busy right now" I wrote "I'm busty right now."

Whoops a daisy.

Madam said...

Last week, my boss texted me unexpectedly (she is most certainly not one of my three typical texters). In trying to call her back, I ended up texting her with the message "amajdp," which is apparently what comes out when you dial her number when you're still in the texting screen.

Given that it was me, she still understood :P

Mark said...

It's called Predictive Text!

The Japanese have so much shit going on in their writing system that even a full keyboard isn't enough. Predictive Text is a way of life for these poor fools...

Sara Ashes said...

don't forget this old goody:

rudy = stew!

Reem Tara said...

Oh yeah! I'll never forget the time you texted me about how you made "turkey rudy." I had to wonder when you'd last texted the word "rudy"...

Daniella Maria said...

iris = grip

that one i find a little funny...