Monday, June 9, 2008

brains and guts

What's in my brains:
I go to therapy and find myself explaining to my therapist about things like myspace and facebook and gmail chat. I watch her as she tries to decipher it all and get why it's somehow important in my life. She doesn't judge, but I feel kind of foolish saying it all. 

I've been wondering if this is an acceptable/comfortable/satisfying form of communication to me anymore if I'm feeling foolish about it. 

But here it is, all in a blog. On the internizzle. What do you think of that?

To be so conscious of when I sign into something, how often I look at certain people or things, what else is going on in other lives, or at least the stories that are told on fucking social networking just feels kind of stupid sometimes. care about any of it at all, or to believe that it's the same as regular face to face conversation.

Building any kind of personal relationship through "chatting" just seems half-assed and lacks much feeling or meaning. It's just not going to work.

I know it's all been written and thought about before, but still. It's in me brains right now.

What's in my guts:
A lot of cheese in various forms, rosemary potatoes from the Old Fashioned, and apple juice from the unbelievably amazing piano recitals from earlier in the day. And two vodka tonics.

More from the brain:
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Mark said...

Our chatting relationship is half-assed? Maybe you're doing it wrong. Whenever I use the Internet I'm always utilizing my entire ass on the couch. Aren't you?

reem tara said...

No, you've got it all wrong! It ain't like that, see? Usually I am laying down, but when I sit, I use my whole ass. And it's different with you because I already know you so well. I already know everything about you, basically. Everything.

sarah l. said...

i think ideally the internet should enhance communication, not replace actual communication. otherwise people will start verbalizing emoticons and how do you say ;)? or something.

sarah l. said...

i also have been consuming lots of post-recital cheese. i'd say we are turophiles.

Sara Ashes said...

apple juice makes me feel a little funny inside.