Tuesday, February 12, 2008


so most members of my family attended my cousin dan's wedding in dc right before new years. i missed it because of snow. waa waa. anyhow, there was this professional photographer there who took a bunch of really beautiful pictures and then emailed the album out to all the guests. that's pretty great, right? well, here's the catch. across the bottom of each print, in big white letters, is the word "proof" so that you cannot just have the pictures. in order to get prints without the word "proof" on them, you have to purchase them. with money. that is the catch, my friends. what a genius.

so. my brother emil has one of these pictures up as his profile picture on facebook right now, and honestly, it is a beautiful, professional, wonderful picture of him and his girlfriend mladenka sipping wine and having a laugh. with the word "proof" emblazened across the bottom of the picture. emblazened? is that a real word? anyhow, here is the picture:

i can't stop looking at it...not because its such a great picture, but because i have suddenly turned into a crazy talented ad wizard, apparently. i mean, it looks like a wine ad, or some kind of magazine ad, right? so here are some of the captions i have come up with so far for this picture:

"Proof...that love exists."

"Proof...that humor keeps a relationship alive."

"Proof...that wine is the way to a woman's heart."

that's all i can think of for now. so anyhow, if i am unreachable for the next few days, it's probably because i'll be having so many meetings with people who want me to run their ad campaigns.

i mean, really. not just anybody can write this genius material. it takes a lot of talent, and a lot of class, and occasionally some liquor.

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Tara said...

dude i went on myspace for the first time in like months and saw this post and got all mad that it wasnt on this blog, and i was like why doesnt she just post them on both? then i came here and was like oh. so yeah i like this blog better, myspace stresses me out. anyway, this picture does look like an ad! you should have to pay a photographer for a perfect photo like that. but when i read your blog the first thing that popped into my head was "proof that emil has a girlfriend" which is probably mean because of who is saying it, but im totally joking!