Thursday, February 7, 2008

snow is moveable

madison people know and non-madison people surely heard about the snow from yesterday. i think there was about 14 inches. needless to say, we had a snow day, which i spent eating nachos and playing guitar hero with mercy. anyhow, because i didn't move my car right away, i got really plowed in near a bus stop. last night as i left to go to the high noon for a show, i saw my car covered with about a foot of snow and surrounded by probably another 3 feet, tightly pack in on all sides. on the window side, somebody had written in the snow "HELP!" oh madison.

so all in all, i think i spent about an hour digging my car out. it wasn't really all that bad...after about 35 minutes i was able to open my drivers side door, so i put on the new m.i.a. album for all the neighborhood to hear. it was actually kind of weirdly fun. i didnt even mind when the old foreign man told me that i should have moved my car this morning. i didn't even think "duh, d-bag," as i might usually.

this is where the parking enforcer cleared the snow off my windshield...just enough to place a parking ticket under my windshield wiper.

i think what made the day really okay was that after having been so effing overwhelmed this winter, feeling so weighted down by all the snow, feeling really completely alone and stuck and fucking helpless and screwed over, was that the snow could be moved. that there was this tiny bit of control i had over, well, the things the weather and nature and everything had brought...that i could actually move the snow out of the way and take care of it and that being able to do that made everything okay.

i mean, god. finally. some fucking control.

oh and this is me leaving the snow in a cloud of...well...snow, i guess.


Tara said...

Where have you been? I keep checking and checking and all of a sudden there are two posts. FINALLY. Nice pictures! I heard something about a 2000 car pile up and the army being called in to feed people in Madison. WHAT? Damn!

Sara Ashes said...

send the ticket picture to Conan! Do it!

Kyle said...

this ticket fairy visited my buried car and boared a similar hole just large enough to place a parking ticket inside. so i continue to store things in that nice little hole like junk mail and assorted litter.

reem tara said...

thats a fantastic idea, kyle. i have a lot of "great deals" from old navy if you would like something to add to your collection.