Thursday, April 17, 2008

I think they could have done better than "Surf n Turf"

Okay, so I've never ordered it. I have no interest. Because of the "surf" part, mostly. I just don't like seafood or fish, and I think the "surf" refers to either shrimp or lobster, right? I'm just not that interested.

Regardless, the term "Surf n Turf" has always really annoyed me. I just think they could have done better than that. I mean I get that "surf" has to do with water, and shrimp or lobster or whatever comes from the sea, and yes, that is where you surf. Okay, fine. It's far-fetched, but alright. Then we have "turf." Turf? Like land? Because steak comes from cows and they live on the land? Or live off the land, I guess. I just think there has to be something better, you know?

After some extensive research, i.e. looking it up on Wikipedia , I found a somewhat satisfying answer of "Reef n Beef," which is what they call it in Australia. That's pretty damn good, if you ask me.

I keep thinking to myself, though, maybe I can do better! Maybe I can coin that new phrase everybody has been searching for! But, frankly, I'm not doing very well so far. Here's all I've come up with:

*Fish n Dish
*Swims n Tims (I don't know, the cow could be named Tim)
*Sleet n Meat (Sleet is a type of rain, which has to do with water)
*Shrimp n Gimp
*Shrimp n Pimp
*Shrimp n Wimp (These are all just pretty funny to me)
*Fins n Grins (ever seen a cow smile? Yeah, neither have I)

Genia came up with a couple of her own, but I think forgot about the whole rhyming thing:

*Water n Land
*Prairie n Ocean
*Seafood n Steak

I don't know. You got any?


Anonymous said...

water and slaughter
gills and bills (like buffalo?)

i got nothin'
but i think i do prefer "reef and beef" to "surf and turf"

Anonymous said...

ooh! inspiration!

cod n' sod
prawn n' lawn

but both of those sound a little gross

reem tara said...

AAAHHHH!!!!! Sherin! I'm in love with you. My favorite is water and slaughter. You are a genius.

And yes, the second two are gross, but incredible. Jesus...I am so impressed.

sarah l. said...

OMG - all of these are awesome. Sherin = hilarious
Reem = hilarious

I can't think of any yet but you can bet your ass I am working on it. Yes your ass!

jx said...

kudos for

shrimp n gimp
water n slaughter
prawn n lawn

wow...first rate, gals!