Saturday, April 12, 2008

why I love youtube

All I did was search "biggest douchebag" and this is what came up.


Gwen said...

omg its so fing amazing

Tara said...

aw poor guy, he just really digs that band! i can't even tell what song is playing? i love the torn cut off shorts. hilarious.

reem tara said...

For about half a second, I felt bad, but I think the jean shorts put me over the edge. And the air guitar. And the fact that he's shirtless. And, well, his whole self, I guess.

Sarah said...

man he loves his weiner. what a db.

Sara Ashes said...

and his TAN!!! that guy had to work really hard to get that dark that evenly!

I've had the misfortune of being positioned behind this guy a million times. He smells like coconut oil and Budweiser. He will inevitably get tired of the crazy dancing and proceed to lie down panting all spreadeagled partially on your blanket. You will then try to tug it out from under his head bit by bit cuz like, sick dude.

Emily with an M said...

Oh man. Here's is why I agree that this man is a douchebag:

1) too short shorts pulled much too high.

2) Playing air guitar on his wiener- a lot.

3) Really just wants someone to look at him- and I think that people who really just want someone to look at them are a little pathetic. Sometimes they are cool but usually they are sad.

4) The tan. It's just bad.

In conclusion, the aforementioned points are why I believe that this man is a douche bag.

The end.

reem tara said...

Air guitar on his weiner?? Priceless, Emily. Priceless. I thoroughly enjoyed your essay.