Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I can always count on my sister to point out the hilarity in situations. Especially since this year, she's been climbing the ladder of hilarity as I slowly slip down. God, I'm so boring lately.

Anyhow, I was chatting away with her this morning, telling her about one of my students who I have since named Obnoxio. He's only 6, and I know, I know, it's not nice to make up mean nicknames for young children. But look dudes. This kid is just plain old obnoxious. He always has something to say! Like, for example...

Me: Beethoven was a famous composer (factual, inoffensive, why argue?)
Obnoxio: Well there were other famous composers too you know
Me: Yep, there sure are! Do you want to name some others?
Obnoxio: Well I know who they are but I don't really feel like saying their names right now

Here's another one...

Me: Sounds like you did some good practicing! (God, I'm complementing the kid!)
Obnoxio: Well, I played...I didn't practice, I played.

Come on!

So anyhow, I get a call from Obnoxio's dad today, about an hour before his lesson. The big news is that Obnoxio "threw up at the pool," so he can't have a lesson today. I text this to my sister, because I think it's funny and she texts back the following:

Karma's a bitch, obnoxio!

Hahaha. Mean nicknames for kids. Priceless.


Sara Ashes said...

I'm glad you're coming to terms with my ever increasing hilarity!!!

Tara said...

Oh the things parents should never know about teachers!

Shane Wealti said...

ROFL. I know it's kind of mean but you should write about Obnoxio more.

Valerie said...


and also my "prove you're human" word is "luvite"