Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'd Be Crabby Too

So on Wednesdays I go downtown to volunteer for NARAL because they rule. NARAL is located in one of those office buildings that have a billion other businesses in them, usually small businesses that only take up a 2 or 3 room office. In this particular building, however, the bottom floor is completely dedicated to a newish Madison restaurant: Mad City Crab House

If any of you have ever met me, or if you've seen the latest edition of Delicious Food on MySpace, you know how I feel about seafood. Sick. As I walked towards the building, I was hit with a pungent, stank, ten billion times more than unpleasant odor coming from The Crab House. STANK!!!!! The smell of crab filled the street. I frantically looked around to see if anybody else was as pissed off and offended as I was, but to no avail. Nobody cared!

Am I just overly sensitive in the olfactory sense? Is my hatred of seafood all in my head, exaggerated beyond what it really needs to be? I pondered these questions as I held my breath and hurried inside the building.

About an hour and a half later, I left the building, only to be welcomed by the same smell but stronger. Once again, I marveled in the fact that nobody else seemed to mind. That is, until I looked inside.

Never before have I seen such miserable looking employees. The faces on these individuals spoke volumes to me; long droopy faces, scrunched up noses, sad, sad awful! I pressed my face up to the window for several more seconds until the general crabbiness and misery, along with the now completely overpowering smell of crab, forced me on my way. I strolled towards my car, endlessly thankful for the fact that I get to teach piano lessons instead of standing around some stank-ass crab all day.

I don't think I could survive it. It's that awful.


Tara said...

The smell of raw seafood is disgusting, I hold my breath when we walk through that section of the grocery store. If that's what you think of whenever you think about eating seafood then no wonder you're horrified. But cooked seafood does not taste the way raw seafood smells, at all, thank god.

Sarah said...

NARAL is better than seafood. Hands down. Those poor employees.