Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rib Hillis

Rib Hillis is a carpenter on the show Extreme Makeover Home Edition. For real...that's his real name.

Yeah. I have very little else to say. So instead of commenting, I am going to write a list of some fantastic names:

Rock Strongo
Chim Richalds
Mike Rithjin
Max Power
Chesty LaRue
Busty St. Clair
Hootie McBoob
Ben Dover
Rip Torn
Ricky Bobby
Bobby Jimmy

I don't even know. It's all so funny.

Also check out Miss Genia's blog:


Tara said...

Jason Lee's son's name is Pilot Inspektor. Seriously. Rib Hillis sounds like a science term. I think it's a name of one of Saturns rings. Seriously. Or it sounds like a gardening tool. Rib? Really?

reem tara said...

At first I thought they were calling him "Liv," which actually sounded somewhat acceptable to me, for some reason. Maybe it was short for Olivia...?

Sara Ashes said...

Richard Belcher is what I have to say to you!

ALso, Steve "Popcorn" Adler's favorite name to check into hotels with was "Adolf Oliver Nipple". I know, sick!

reem tara said...

HAHAHA!!! Adolph Oliver Nipple! What a genius. Music and otherwise.

As for RIchard Belcher, I'm still heartbroken that his last name is actually "Belzer."

Swoon Queen said...

Bessie Cherry. And for the nth time, it doesn't rhyme, people. No, it just doesn't.

reem tara said...

How would it even rhyme? Bessie Cherry? I love that that is your actual name. I still almost don't believe it...