Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby Ghosts

Does anybody remember when I was hearing Baby Ghosts in the attic? I can't find the actual blog because maybe I never wrote it on here, but here's the text from the two myspace blogs I wrote:

1. i think it was sometime right before labor day when my mom came and stayed with me for a night and she kept saying she was hearing things running around in my attic. i didn't really hear it at first, but then after awhile, i started to hear things as well...like maybe something one might describe as (and i hate that i'm writing this word, but...) "scampering" about. or like, running playfully. scampering, really. i assumed they were raccoons or possums or something. i heard them a few more times and thought that i should probably tell my landlord. i think i may have at some point. whatever, nothing ever happened. they're totally still up there. i heard them today, in fact. scampering about.

but here's the thing. one afternoon, about a month ago, i heard the same noises, only it was more like running. and then...i heard a squeaky toy. like a dog toy that squeaks. for real now, even if there was a squeaky toy up there, what raccoon knows how to make it actually squeak? a genius raccoon, sure. but the one in my attic is no genius. its ordinary. and probably the toy wouldn't even be able to fit in its mouth.

so here's my thought: either it was some sort of super-powered genius raccoon with a giant mouth (obviously VERY far-fetched), or it was baby ghosts. ghost children. they've been up there for however long, and they get bored, and their only toy to play with is some random squeaky dog toy somebody left up there by accident. i mean, that's the obvious explanation, right? not far-fetched at all.

at this point, i'm just trying not to think about them too often.

And the follow-up, a couple of months later:

2. i’m telling you, they’re right next to me

the baby ghosts. they are now in the wall of my bedroom, in the wall less than a foot away from where i'm sitting in my bed. they are rolling toys and acorns around and around, up and down, side to side. i swear to god, i can hear them.

i know i sound like a crazy lady, but i've talked about this before, and to be 100% honest, i know they're most likely squirrels, not baby ghosts, but nevertheless, i am absolutely terrified right now.

i don't know why. but i'm fucking terrified of these squirrels.

About three minutes ago, I heard a squeak. Squirrels don't squeak, man! So either it's the baby ghosts and they've found their squeaky toy, or it's some kind of goose right outside my window. Either way, what the hell?

I mean, it was an audible squeak. Loud, even.

When I called in sick to work this morning, I didn't even feel all that bad. But now that I'm writing this and thinking back on my day, I think it's quite possible that I had some near hallucinations or something. And now baby ghosts. Perfect.


traci said...

Hey Reem--squirrels squeak sometimes. We had a family of them in the wall/ceiling of our living room this past spring and man were they loud! I would yell, "Chill out, squirrels!" and tap on the wall. This didn't help with my squirrels but maybe it would help with yours.

Reem Tara said...

Traci, your comment changes everything. As does the fact that I just woke up from ten hours of sleep. I like that you talked to them!

Tara said...

I was going to say that squirrels do squeak sometimes. But I think baby ghosts is way more likely. Squirrels also bark.

Reem Tara said...

Maybe I should clarify. I think it was more like a "honk." Do squirrels honk, smarties? Do they???

kittymodern said...

well basically i hesitate to tell u this but last saturday when i was volunteering at church i nthe middle of the kids class there was this squeeking sound...very distracting and guess what ...IT WAS A BAT.

Reem Tara said...

Gwen, I'm sufficiently horrified, and I am now even more so emphasizing the whole "honk" thing.