Thursday, September 4, 2008

Laughing at the Misfortune of Others

In the last five minutes, the following happened:

1. A girl is walking in the crosswalk at Park and Dayton and totally bites it. She falls down, right on her booty, drops her bag in the puddle, and three of her friends stare down at her, waiting for her to get up

2. A beer delivery guy (Coors, I think) drops a case of beer on Regent St. and cans go flying everywhere. One can is on its side, spraying beer out of it in a steady stream.

I try really hard not to laugh, because I know, I know, something will happen to me next. But I can't help it. I laughed my ass off.

And what happened when I got to work? I dropped my purse in an effing 3 inch deep puddle. What's weird is, I'd zipped it closed, which I never do, and I had my camera and wallet and checkbook and all this stuff in there that can't get wet. Weirds. But yeah, I dropped it right in the most giant puddle ever to exist in the parking lot of my work.

It's's raining today, and people just don't know what to do with themselves. I couldn't figure out how to get dressed today. I actually - and I swear to you I'm not lying - put my underwears on backwards and didn't realize it for a good 4 minutes.

The kids are also in a total daze today. It's like they're walking around bumping into each other and ricocheting off each other, turning in another direction, waiting to bounce off the next person. Nobody knows what to do! Get your act together, ya boners!


Tara said...

I love when that happens to delivery drivers!!! One time I watched a semi turn onto the highway with Dr. Pepper flying! It was funny at first and then I was kinda thinking I might get a Dr. Pepper to the windshield.

This also reminds me of a story my uncle told me about when he was younger and a beer delivery truck was at a red light in front of him with the back open. Him and his friend got out of the car and grabbed as much as they could carry and put it in the trunk of their own car! The cops showed up at their house later and they tried to deny everything until the cops demanded to see what was in their trunk! The idiots never took the beer out!!!

Sarah said...

aha ha ha ha. now i'm laughing at you laughing at the misfortune of others. i hope your Importants (phone, wallet, etc.) are all okay. i believe this is called schadenfreude.

luai said...

Today I was wearing my polo shirt inside out for a good 30min around the house. I didn't notice it until I got in the car and noticed that the stitching was too rough to be on the outside. Not that there were no existing buttons, the collar wasn't sitting right and I could see the wash instructions tab, but that the stitching was too rough.

Table for two, Mr. Pansyass this way please.

I'm not surprised that I didn't notice the buttons though, cause I wear all polo shirts completely unbuttoned to show off my manly chest hair.