Saturday, August 16, 2008


Okay dudes. So I am writing this blog, but before I even get into it, I must give credit where credit is due. This blog is inspired by Tara and Sara. Tara was the original inspiration, and Sara helped with the research. So although the brilliance this blog is about to entail is by no means my own, I'd encourage you to keep reading. Others are hilarious too, you know! BOOM! I'm so conceited.

So, I was gmail chatting it up with both Tara and Sara this morning. Tara and I were discussing sports, specifically The Olympics, and talking about how Michael Phelps is a little bit funny. He's on the US swimming team and has broken like 78 world records. I think that's the exact number. Anyhow, check it out:

10:26 AM
Tara: im kind of scared of michael phelps' noodle-y body
me: haha yeah! can you imagine him giving you a big hug??
10:27 AM
Tara: gross
10:28 AM
like when he's warming up and flips his arms around and they are like disconnected
me: I'm telling you..
yeah! they are noodle-y! good description!
10:29 AM
Tara: he's like those inflated things at car washes and stuff, you know?
they wiggle all weirdly in the air
they totally gross me out
10:30 AM
Tara: this is why im a little scared of him
10:31 AM
me: see, I LOVE those things! And I'm not usually scared of Michael Phelps!
only when I imagine him hugging me
10:32 AM
Tara: look at him when he's getting ready at the pool and he flips his arms around
he looks just like one of those thigns!
dude are you going to write a blog about this, or am I?
Tara: hahahaa

Basically, I envisioned the blog as showing videos of both the noodle-y things and of Michael Phelps. The problem was that I had no idea how to find what those things are called. Now, since I was chatting with my sister at the same time, I thought to myself, "Sara is a smart cookie! Why not take a shot in the dark and ask her what she thinks those things are called?" The conversation went as follows:

10:34 AM
hey I have a question
you know those guys outside like car dealerships and gas stations? the things that wave their arms all crazy in the wind?
not real people, btw
Sara: yup
me: how do you think you would look that up on youtube?
to find a video possibly
10:35 AM I wonder what they're called...
Sara: well, on family guy they call them Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man
me: HAHAHAHA omg. how do you know this
Sara: heh heh i'm a genius
10:36 AM
me: okay I'll look that up specifically
Sara: tell me if it works
me: you know what?
it did.

So, let's all say a great big thank you to Tara and Sara (say their names so they rhyme. It's funny) for providing us with the hilarity that will inevitably follow after watching the following videos. Good work everybody!

Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man (found with Sara's creative genius):

Michael Phelps before a race (you have to go to about 1:12 in the video. Don't worry about watching the rest). Tara found this one!

I also feel that I have to add that my sister called the Wacky Waving things "gentle giants." Oh my effing god. Today belongs to Sara and Tara.


Tara said...

hahahhaha! I love it! I think he has another race left, watch for the noodle-y arms! But seriously you give me and Sara credit for geniusness, but the writing of this blog was total genius. I couldn't have written it, it would have made no sense.
BTW when you say - say Tara and Sara as if it rhymes- do you mean Tair-a and Sair-a or Tar-a and Sar-a. Because I can only imagine it being said, the second way, by your Dad for some reason.

Lia said...

What makes your blog even funnier is that on Thursday my co-worker and I were driving on the beltline and near Rimrock rd, and at the zimbrick saturn dealer there is a wacky waving arm inflattable tube man. As we passed, I encouraged my co-worker and I to go as those for halloween. We have the costumes designed (we are designing women!) and I even have a sound effect identified that I image the wacky men make as they blow in the wind!

Reem Tara said...

I think I'd say "tah-ra and sah-ra."

And incidentally, somebody was talking about the movie Kazam tonight, which starred Shaquille O'Neal, the original Gentle Giant!

Sara Ashes said...

Its definitely Tah-ra and Sah-ra. And its best if you roll the r's. Classic Dad!

Tara said...

That's what I figured, but I thought you might be saying the names all nasal-y- which is funny too, very midwest.

Anonymous said...

gawker explains it all.

Anonymous said...

There are lots of names for those inflatable, promotional products. I've seen them called "air dancers" which sounds more like the name an eight year old would give to her My Pretty Pony. This website has lots of versions, mostly of air "dudes" (where are the female air dancers I ask you?)

- stacy