Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Top Five Lists Continued

Inspired by me sister (she wrote the first two)!

Top Five Places Reem Would Hate To Be
1. A James Taylor Convention
2. JoAnn Fabrics
3. The Sea Ranch (a fish "butcher" in the Chicago suburbs)
4. Harrison's Poultry Store
5. The Lasik Eye Surgery Center
(she knows me SO well! Several of these were on my shit list!)

Top Five Things Reem Would Take Bets To Win:
1. any amount of money over $4
2. someone to dye her hair, then wash out the dye over the kitchen sink (Reem's note: it's true! Washing out the dye is SO hard because my entire body gets dyed purple. If you wash the dye out for me, I'll love you forever)
3. anything that gained its fame from an informercial. well almost anything.
4. a delicious sandwich, perhaps one of the 5 listed in the previous blog
5. some opportunity for the loser to make an ass of themselves.

Five best Bets I've Won In My Life
1. Laith bet me I couldn't eat a whole Awesome Blossom. I did it, won $17 dollars and had my meal paid for, and had indigestion for three days. Just FYI, I substituted ranch for the sauce they serve with it, and stuck to water all night.
2. Emil thought one or two of the member of Hanson were girls. I bet him they were all boys. I won.
3. The Beach Caper. The video explains a lot. 
4. This one hasn't been won by me yet, but it will: I bet Nick that the store Elves Palace sells at least three of the following: pewter wizard figurines, crystals, gargoyle statues, incense holders in the shape of something...like a goddess.
5. Once Sara and I made a Gentleman's Wager. What it was, I unfortunately cannot tell you. This has been driving me crazy for 24 hours now because I can't remember what it is! Anybody remember??

I'm sure there will be more. Probably this is the only thing I'll blog about anymore. Waa waa!


SophisticatedBrew said...

I've been trying to think of clever things to add to your sister's list of places you hate to be, but really, I think she covered all the grounds! Well done.

Sara Ashes said...

The Lasik Eye Center felt particulalrly genius because its the only one we've never discussed. But i know how much Reem hates eyeball related things and how she flips out even when i put eyedrops in my own eyes so i figured this was a good bet!

jx said...

uh-oh, you better hurry to validate your bet at the elves palace. i just read (seriously about 7 minutes ago while eating at the alchemy) in the onion that they're having a store closing sale.

as reem would say, "waa-waa."

The Pirate Queen said...

Alright, I know I'm late, but I have to air some beef (making jerky?) about some of the items on this first here list.

I mean the Sea Ranch?!! Best candy within a walk from my old house.

JoAnn Fabrics - how with you locate the necessary items for your Transylvanian outfit?

I could not allow this slander to continue against these somewhat reputable institutions.