Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow Day #1!!!

I always have really good intentions to document every little adventure I have, but I rarely follow through completely. I stress the word little, however, since the stuff I write about is rarely an adventure, really. I just make it sound way exciting, you see? Today was TOTALLY an adventure though! It was a Snow Day here in Wisconnie - the first of the winter. Oh wait, it's not even winter yet. And we still got 6 and 1/2 inches of snow. And our total so far for the year is something like 17 inches already. What's the deal, Mother Nature? Crazy Lady...

Anyhow, I digress. Snow Days makes me sort of stir crazy and all ramble-y, so I'm not sure how this whole "blogging" thing is going to go today. To be fair, I did leave the house, which was part of the adventure. But the day started out with me being very, very lazy...I made attempts to do some documenting. Let's have a lookie, shall we?

I woke up at 7 am to check the weather. When I saw that the Madison schools had closed, I called my home school families to cancel morning lessons. I then stayed in my pajamas and glasses and greasy hair until 1 pm, dreading the inevitable shoveling I'd have to do. I'll be honest though - I did not shovel for a single second today. By the time I actually even looked out the window, Xiao and my downstairs neighbor had done it all already. I'm slightly obsessed with Xiao today (if you don't know who Xiao is, do a little research here and here). When I talked to him, he was out shoveling The Lanai, which got covered in snow last winter, and had basically done the whole thing already. Here's how it went down:

Me: Xiao, you didn't have to do this!
Xiao: No, it's fine, we're all together here
Me: What? Okay, well thank you so much! Next time, please save some for me to shovel!
Xiao: It's fine! We're good neighbors!
Me: Oh...okay...yeah! Well I'll help with the driveway next time.
Xiao: No, you just stay inside and get better. Feel better!

Oh. I'm not sick, Xiao. Maybe it was just the greasy hair and pajamas. Whoops a daisy.

Okay, enough shameless links to my own damn blog. Here are some pictures of the beautiful snow, and the even more beautifully shoveled driveway:

The view from inside my car:

So, with nothing to do and nowhere to go, I decided to meet Genia at Mother Fools, the local coffee shop. I like Mother Fools just fine, but sometimes I get a little bored there. And what's the cure for boredom on a Snow Day like today, my friends? That's right! Booze!!! I carefully filled my flask with this really gross minty liquor called Rumplemintz (I think it's from a year ago) and brought it along with me...so smart! Here's me with my flask:

As grody as Rumplemintz may be, it works perfectly with a nice hot chocolate drink.

(that's about half booze, by the way)

Sometimes they're disapproving at Mother Fools, so I had to carefully hide the flask in my purse and add it to my drink under the table, stealthily.

And here is Miss Genia, who joined me in company, but not in boozing it up.

I then made a beautiful dinner at my house and forgot to document it. Suck! These good intentions always taper out at some point...But yes, this was Snow Day #1! I'm sure there will be many more to come, and I'm very sure I'll be way more of a crab on those days. Don't you worry about a thing baby, you can always count on me to be a crab in the winter.


Anonymous said...

oh god - rumplemintz was a gross part of some gross (but fun!) nights in college.

i can see how that would work in a hot chocolate, but the sense memories are still a bit too strong...

stay sane in the snow!

Sara Ashes said...

after all this i cannot believe that you didn't tell us what you made for dinner! jeez!

I love XIao and that he told you to feel better cuz you were slummin.

Valerie said...

wait... you guys JUST got your first snow? in michigan it's been snowing like CRAZY all month! i'm already sick of it.

Reem Tara said...

Sara - I made your famous Baked Zucchini, hummus/cheese/veggie sammies, and vegetable noodle soup. And white wine! Sexy! You have to meet Xiao next time you're here!

Sherin - I'm gonna need your sane wishes in about a month and a half...watch for the blogging to become less Magnificent Bastard and more Crazy Lady.

Bea said...

Another thing we have in common, it seems, is how broken our spirits become by winter! What a wonderfully depressing thing to have in common! The trick is to get yourself a flask, eh?

Tara said...

Snow day! What's hilarious is that people in Austin were hoping for a snow day today too! Which I actually had to laugh at, it got down to *gasp* 30 degrees and there was some freezing rain. It might be 20 degrees tonight! Oh my!

Nice mother nature photo, by the way. I was somewhat grossed out by it, I'm not sure why.

jx said...

i kind of love the the silence and darkness of chillin' in the car covered in snow. next snow day - call me.

kittymodern said...

yeah so basically I want to comment about mother fools a little. you are right that they are disapproving. They are so anti 'the man" that they have become their own 'man'. no credit cards?? if you fill your drink card you only get like 1 cent off your next small coffee. I know there are probably like a million social justice reasons they do that but. omg bored.