Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Current Theme Is Hilarious Animals

It's no secret that I love animals. In every journal I had as a child, I wrote that I wanted to grow up to be a veterinarian. But then one year I found out I'd have to give animals shots, and that dream went out the window. But I kept the love for animals going throughout the years, mostly with my appreciation of dogs with their heads hanging out car windows. It's a pretty common phenomenon, actually; in fact, there's a whole facebook group dedicated to just that! Although pictures do not even do these dogs justice, here's what I'm talking about (picture from here):

Look how great that dog looks! So free and wind-blown, without a care in the world!

Where was I? Hmm. Animals are great. Especially when they're being funny. Lately, I've been really excited about this website called This Is Photobomb. Although most of the pictures they post on there are hilarious, the funniest to me are the ones where animals photobomb. I mean, it's not like animals are doing this on purpose....or are they?! Observe (all pictures from This Is Photobomb):

A seal! Photobombing a group of penguins! It's just too funny for me sometimes. So I have to resort to watching videos. Of hilarious animals, duh. Look:

And this. This, my friends, is my new favorite thing. I have watched it at least eight times today, and will most likely continue that trend in the days to come. This goat is the greatest goat ever to live!

And that is what I have to say tonight.


Sara Ashes said...

My favorites are the seal- OMG!!!!- and the rooster!! Holy God Reem, that shit is hilarious.

SophisticatedBrew said...

i can't watch the videos cuz i'm at work but i like that you like animals. i wanted to be a veterinarian too. now i'd rather just be a crazy cat lady.

Lauren said...

Oh my god. that seal. THAT SEAL. That is the best thing I have seen in a long time.

Anna said...

OMG Reem, I am so glad I know you. You appreciate the ways animals smile and goats talk like Jerry Lewis. You are my heart friend.