Friday, February 13, 2009

Sexy Results

It's a good thing, my friends, that I'm so full of love all the time lately. Because let me tell you, I could easily, easily be a hater right now. But I'm not. And what better timing with tomorrow being the big VD and all! Despite the sort of gross stuff that's going on, I'm still full of love. Awww!

I think I might have strep throat. This would be the self-diagnosed variety - you see, I didn't go to the doctor because really, who has time or money for that right now? My throat felt all warmly clammy yesterday, and I was headachy and out of it and delirious. And I think there's something in the back of my throat that's not usually there. Oh, and also, one of my students had strep this week. So even though I didn't know whether or not I had it, I got some antibiotics and started taking them yesterday. Yay for my father!

I don't know if it's the sickness or the pills or the mind frame right now, but things are a teensy bit funny...For example, my lips and fingertips taste funny. They taste really bitter, like one of those ointments you put on kids thumbs to stop them from sucking them. Or earwax. Either way, they tasted bad and bitter. And also, I kept smelling something like ham that had been sitting out for too long! It's like somebody unpacked the groceries and left the packet of ham out on the counter for a few days and it's still there! Rest assured, there is no ham in my apartment. I hate ham. Especially unexpected ham. But that's another story for another time. Anyhow, my senses are all out of whack. Oh, and also I keep laughing at everything today. Mostly when I've been at home, alone. Everything is hilarious.

All my glasses are dirty in the sink, stained with the residue of Emergen-C packets and Airborne tablets because that's all I drink. Leftover tomato soup is sitting on the stove, growing a skin. My hair is way beyond unwashed. There are pills spilled on the floor (I'm serious - I'm so lazy I haven't picked them up yet). My hoodie/pajamas uniform is obviously very sexy...all the kleenex on the floor, however, is not.

Cloudy liquids and pills and effed up senses, right in time for Valentine's Day. Who doesn't want to get with this?!


Luper said...

i'm sorry that you aren't feeling well. sounds horrible. if you need anything let me know. movies, food, ham.

Swoon Queen said...

awwww Reem, I tried calling you last night because I was walking from downtown and thought I could either A: bring you something, or B: diagnose your throat like such the amateur doctor I am. I must say that as vomitably disgusting as gargling with salt water sounds (or, deep breath, peroxide) it does add that certain je ne sais quoi to the average run o' the mill sore throat.

Also, I'm in about the same state re: unwashed hair/dishes/pots and pans etc, crazed senses, all that, but I have no medical excuse.

so yeah, tomorrow! BRING IT ON! (p.s. velour sweatsuits are on sale at Marshall's, just sayin')

Tara said...

oh man well done. just put in my so called life and stay on the couch all day!

Bea said...

Eek, that does not sound the least bit fun... hopefully by today your health has improved and your senses returned and your tomato skin has gotten up and walked out of the apartment on its own two feet. (So you don't have to clean it up!) Happy(?) Valentines day!

Sara Ashes said...

At least you have the excuse that you are sick while all this is happeneing- I'm like this EVERY DAY! HAHAHAHA!

jx said...

hey - don't feel pressured to rock out tonight if you're feeling like ass. or, if you want to get out but just can't hack having ppl over, we can move it to my place. lemme know.

SophisticatedBrew said...

Gross things in this blog:

1) VD
2) "warmly clammy"
3) "something in the back of my throat that's not usually there"
5) earwax
6) leaving ham out on the counter
7) "unexpected ham" (ha)
8) all of the 4th paragraph, but mostly the tomato soup skin

BLEH. you nasty.

Reem Tara said...

Sarah, it's get me. You complete me. Nasty indeed...