Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pictures in Lieu of Words

Dudes. Dudes! I have the writer's block. I have no less than five unfinished blogs in my bloggy blogosphere. I'm also restless as of late and my attention span has shortened even more in the last few weeks, so a complete, well-written blog seems far out of reach. Instead, I will give you a little tour of my awesome living room and what has been happening in it over the last few days...

Here's the messy corner. Some day I'm going to put all those cds where they're supposed to go and put all those music books back in the file cabinet, and maybe even dustbust. But for now, I think it's a really good looking corner. An attractive mess.

Some of the cds are in order. Since the big digital television change, I've been listening to a ton of music, and often the entire album - this doesn't happen very often in these ipod days in which we're living. Included: Nothing's Shocking by Jane's Addiction, Mexican Moon by Concrete Blonde (thanks Angie!), Doolittle by the Pixies, Emergency and I by the Dismenberment Plan, and a little bit of Pizzicato Five for dishwashing time!

I'm not sure why this picture made it in, but it did. Here is my delicious lunch from earlier today! That's zucchini with herbes de provence (thanks Sara), tortilla encrusted tilapia (sorry Breena!) which I definitely did not make - it was frozen, and some couscous. Fancy!

Okay, and since 2009 is the year of learning new things (and thusly has, so far, totally ruled), I have learned that I actually can keep flowers alive! I was pretty convinced I couldn't before, but I've been very dedicated about watering and opening the blinds before I go to bed so the flowers can wake up to sunlight way before my 10:30 am wake up call. And it's working! Here are some tulips, in my favorite tulip colors:

Here's an amaryllis my mom gave me. It came in a box. I planted it on Inauguration Day.

And a close up. I came home from work last night, and the flower had bloomed. I actually gasped and said out loud "oh!" when I saw it. Since I took this picture, there is another flower blossoming on the opposite side of this one, along with a separate stem and flower in the same pot.

I can't believe how happy these flowers have made me this week. Seriously, I smile every time I look at them. Daffodils are my first favorite.

Here's a painting I bought at my work's art auction this past weekend. It's a tree, painted by my coworker Julia Ziah. It's the first real piece of art I've bought. I don't know how to hang it. Will you please come over and tell me if it's crooked?

And there's my lovely piano which I've been playing every day and night for a few weeks now.

My heart is extremely full right now, and things are beautiful and good. I like that it can be reflected in my living room. Also, I look like a Lord of the Rings character.

It's my new look! What do you think?


Katjusa said...

It's crooked.

I love the photo of your new piano bathed in heavenly sunlight.

Also: fuck iPods. I don't own one. I know, I know...but I'm old school like that. I'm sure if I actually had one, I'd be ALL over it 'cause I'm a hypocrite like that.

SophisticatedBrew said...

Dude...The picture...I don't know about that.

But such pretty flowers! I'm proud of you for buying art. I've bought a couple. It feels very grown-up...Purchasing something for the sole sake of visual aesthetics. But really, how different is in than buying a bunch of cds? It's really cool. GOOD JOB.

PS) a writers block blog is better then no blog. love it.

The Dean said...

I agree with Kat about the whole 'Fuck iPods' theory. I'm too stubborn to buy one now that everyone and their parents own two. The box of mix tapes my buddy gave me last year suffices in my driving between towns (and also made me a pretty good chair dancer).

When I have writers block, I just stop thinking and start writing whatever pops in my head. At first it's usually like someone puked words on the page, but after a while I usually end up with some crazy, demented and completely fucked up yet coherent story.

syb said...

this little glimpse into your world made me very happy! love the flowers & the art. i have some nice photography i bought at a fundraiser in december and it still needs to get put up on the walls. eventually...

much love

Bea said...

I agree with Kajusa's sentiment about ipods, both that they suck, but also that they suck until I get one and then they will be cool. Haha! But Doolittle is such a good album, I can't find my copy. HEY! Said the man to the lady...

Also, I'll forgive you for eating fish because your flowers are beautiful and you also reminded me of why MY plants are all most likely dying, whihc is because I don't open the blinds while I'm gone.

Also, congratulations on purchasing your first piece of art!

Susannah said...

Okay, so for VD my boyfriend got me a lovely simple vase of tulips, still in bud phase, "so they'll open when you're here." I awwwed and then kept them for another week, during which time everyone marveled at their longevity.

On Friday, I said,"You know, I think they'll go today," because they were looking a little droopy and I knew they'd be goners by the time I got back on Monday.

Then people asked how often I'd changed their water, and I was forced to admit that the vase had been dry for three days.

Genia the Queenia said...

I had no idea you had so many flowers in your place. Good Idea...maybe I should do that...maybe it would improve my attitude!
Oh, and yes, fuck ipods. They're good for parties and perhaps this whole "going to the gym" thing, but if you really want to really get the full effect of an artist or band, you have to listen to the whole album. Repeatedly. While you're at home. Not while you're running on the treadmill!

Reem Tara said...

On iPods...

They really are good for being at the gym. You know why? You make a playlist of stuff like Pantera and Tenacious D and Mastodon and Megadeth and all of a sudden, you want to run really fast.

They are also good for in the shower when your cd player is far away.

There is nothing - NOTHING - like listening to an entire album, if it's a good album. Please see my most current note on facebook.

123456789 said...

i saved that picture of the daffodils. they make me happy too. <3