Monday, July 25, 2011

This Is How We Do It (Kentucky Road Trip & Wedding in 48 Hours)

This is how we get our nails did. And this is how we pick out shoes to wear in the car.

This is how we pack the car. Fancy clothes and hats everywhere.

This is how my father sets up an office in the backseat and works for 6 hours of the 7 hour drive. Included: paper clips, manilla folders, and a stapler.

This is how I get through the morning - three cups of Bob Evans coffee.

This is how Dad manages to eat healthy even whilst on the open road.

This is how we have a late afternoon snack in the hotel bar once we arrive.

This is how we coordinate without planning and walk around intimidating all the men in the room.

This is how we turn the rehearsal dinner into a dance party.

This is how is just how some of us are.

This is how we rock a rehearsal dinner after party.

This is how we eat breakfast the next morning. And this is how food can be helpful when some of us are feeling the effects of the after party.

This is how we run into dear old friends by chance.

This is how we put on our wedding makeup while still in the bed.

This is how we wear our shoes.

This is how lovely they are.

This is how we drink at a wedding. Plus fifty or more.

This is how we dance at a wedding.

This is how the Mother of the Groom brought enough bellydancing scarves for the whole crowd.

This is how he does it.

This is how she does it.

And this is how we end the night.
This is how we do it.


SophisticatedBrew said...

Looks fun and stylish, as per usual. :)

jx said...

This is lovely. Are you and your sister wearing matching "nightgowns?" <<made-up word, I think.

Reem Tara said...

THANK YOU for noticing! I can't believe nobody else has said anything - that picture is my favorite thing right now! Yes, Sara bought one and then let me keep it after our Italy trip, then she bought her own. I'm sorry, but how cool are we?!

Anna said...

matching nightgowns, reem. we should all have these exact matching nightgowns. all of us.

this blog post is amazing. what an amazing and lovely family you have.

p.s. now i'm gonna have MONTEL in my head all day. thiiiiiis is how we doooooo it!!