Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Take That, Delicious Food!

Have you all heard of this blog called Delicious Food? It started on MySpace a few years ago with a slightly pompous and very condescending individual taking pictures of food and interjecting a personal opinion upon each picture and each food item. Now it is an outside blog via blogspot, and the attitude and jackassery continue. Although Delicious Food (I refer to the author of this blog as Delicious Food because I have absolutely no idea who the person behind it is!) can be a pretty giant jerk sometimes, I've always admired and appreciated those pictures and hilarious, sharp blog entries.

After each new entry, I always feel inspired to find some delicious food myself. To be honest, I usually buy it or find somebody else to make it. I know some pretty damn good cooks out there, I tell you. Occasionally, though, I'll give it a try, but the results have been...mixed. Like the one time I made fake everything and it was sort of gross. I've been somewhat doubtful about my cooking abilities in the past, but man, I'm trying now. I've been doing better, especially in the last year, and I'ma keep trying.

I can't go much further, however, without throwing some credit to my most recent houseguest. Last week, I had the pleasure of some beautiful and wonderful company and some of the most delicious food I've had in my entire life. And you know what? I've had some damn good food in my life. But dudes, this was insane. My kitchen was transformed into something completely new; I don't think it will ever be the same. Amazing things happened in there. And so I got inspired. Which is funny, because, of all the ways this man has inspired me, the last thing I ever thought I'd take action on would be cooking. Nevertheless, here were are. Thank you, Christopher. Much respect.

Alright, alright, here we go. When I was in Atlanta for my sister's birthday last month, we dined at a lovely restaurant called Solstice where we ate butternut squash ravioli in a sage brown butter sauce. Omg. Seriously, omg. It was so good, and I've had a taste for it ever since. And thanks to both the inspiration from last week, along with the wonders of the internet, I decided to try. Look what happened:

The ingredients for the sauce: chicken broth, butter, and sage leaves, fresh from Jess's garden!

Pumpkin tortellini. I did not make this, but it is from RP's Pasta here in Madison. Fresh and local, and comes in a package! Fantastic!

That's just some butter melting in a pan. It makes me feel sort of funny that there's so much butter in there, but...whatever. Not funny enough to not eat it.

The butter completely melted a couple of minutes later.

Once it started to turn brown, I added the chicken broth and sage leaves. If only I could take a picture of a smell...

You can see the brown color in this one. Hence, "Brown Butter." Get it?!

This is a very complicated process called "boiling the pasta." Extremely complicated.

But I made it work! Whew!

I also decided to roast some brussel sprouts - olive oil, salt and pepper.

Oh damn, there it is, all finished! So delicious, and totally easy.

Although it wasn't the same as what my sister and I ate, it was really delicious and extremely satisfying to have made myself! It's funny to learn brand new things when you're thirty, but whatever. This all rules. Hell yeah, thirty!


jx said...

i would like to comment on the stolen salad bar plate upon which your ravioli rests. it looks like a stolen salad bar plate.

that aside, this looks awesome. i can just a little bit smell it in my mind. but nothing close to the real deal, i'm sure. dude, you like brussels sprouts? we need to turn this affinity into some sort of themed party sometime. i think a lot of people would come.

Reem Tara said...

Hahaha! Totally NOT stolen, thank you. I think I bought them at Dominick's, a grocery store in Chicago.

Dude, do YOU like brussels sprouts? I love almost every vegetable (except carrots and green peppers). This really was delicious, and probably wouldn't have happened had I been required to stop by the coop for sage - because I'm so lazy - so thank you for that!

RebeccaL said...

Reem it is great to learn new things at 30! Your food looks and sounds delicious. I also love brussels sprouts, by the way. They're delicious!

SophisticatedBrew said...

nom. GOOD JOB! love the pumpkin ravioli and sage is delish. have you ever had sage cheese? it's green.

Lauren said...

I need to give Brussel sprouts another go. One of those foods I decided I hated when I was like 5 and still haven't revisited them. Which is so unlike me.