Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We Had a Time

So last night two of my friends, Jess and Amy, posted a bunch of pictures on facebook from my thirtieth birthday party this past weekend. Their pictures were all from the bar, and some from the after bar that happened that night. The funny thing is, although I had a party at my apartment that day (a long party at that - people were there from 2:30 - 11:30!), there are almost no pictures from that part. Apparently, I took a bunch of pictures before the party started, and I took a bunch the next day, after the party was over. Documenting the actual thing though? No thanks. I guess the teacher in me is making you use your imagination or something. Good luck!

In honor of my friend Delicious Food, who has been lazier than I would have ever imagined her to be, I took pictures of the delicious food that was served. As an aside, I'll try and encourage Delicious Food to get off her ass and update soon, but I'm not making any promises. She's sorry though. Sorry and lazy! BOOM!

This is what I like to call the Bloody Mary Station. I don't like those tiny mushrooms or onions in my drank, and I think celery is a waste of time, so pickles and olives it is!

Healthy fruit. For the kids.

Brie and cheddar with crackers! Later, a lovely dill havarti, courtesy of Lia, joined the cheese and crackers.

Chips with salsa and guacamole, served in my favorite eggplant dish, a gift from the sissy!

Hummus and pita chips. I'll probably be shunned by my family because I bought it at Trader Joe's instead of making it. I added the olive oil and paprika myself though!

This is an imported delicacy called "Chipped Potatoes." Some less-refined, common people like to call them potato chips.

These are bruschetta and olive tapenade crackers. If you let them sit for a minute, the crackers soak up the oil and everything is wonderful.

Here are some beautiful flowers. Several people asked if the yellow ones were fake! (They're not). The first ones were a gift from Genia, who's birthday is this Thursday!

Okay, here are the only pictures that exist that actually took place during the party. Genia made me a lovely Rainbow Funfetti cake with Funfetti frosting. She'd offered to get me a fancy tres leches cake from this great bakery, but I was like "Um, I'd prefer a Funfetti cake. From a box." Thanks, Genia!

I think this one is a little creepy...

One of the most hilarious parts about having a party in your home is what you find the next day. Example: at any of my sister's previous Halloween parties, we find pieces of people's costumes: a sword, masks, a bustier (I'm serious!), sugar sprinkled all over the living room floor - fun stuff. At my party, there wasn't too much left over, but there were a couple of funny things...

From Lia's gift. It's now hanging on the wall.

You can tell it was a wild, crazy party, because the soy milk got whipped out. Sexy!

Opening the refrigerator and seeing this was very confusing, but it soon came back to me. At about 10:30 or 11 pm, as we were deciding whether or not to go to a bar, Jacob alerted me that we were out of mixers, but we had vodka left. I looked in the freezer and found a can of frozen lemonade, but we couldn't find a pitcher. So, duh, we used this ice cube tray. Totally smart, right? Spoon and all, into the fridge!

Apparently we didn't finish it, and Jacob thought it would be a good idea to "save it for later."

The hilarious part is that there was totally an unopened carton of lemonade in the fridge this entire time. And I must have looked directly at it several times, before, during, and after when I was making the lemonade.

And here's what we drank. Whoops a daisy. Although, this being said, I should point out that there was next to no clean up because Marc, who is a combination of a saint and a lamb, did all my dishes before we left for the bar! Thank you, Marc (he also drove my ass around all night. A SAINT)!!!!!

So yeah. There are a ton of pictures on facebook from The Ideal Bar, where we went when we actually did run out of vodka. There was hours upon hours of dancing. Let me know if you want to see those too!

I can honestly say that this has been the best birthday of my life. From the the celebration two weeks ago, to the party this weekend, and including my heart which is constantly growing more and more with happiness and love every day, I couldn't be more thrilled. Thanks to everybody who made it happen! xxoo


JD said...

I was hoping the hummus was homemade, since I'm looking for a good recipe. Oh well, I will keep looking.

Tara said...

Oh my, lovely, I'm like teary eyed. I love you! I wish I could have been there!

And the lemonaide if effing hilarious.

jx said...

chipped potatoes, reem? that's beautiful.

what a delicious spread. i'm so mad that i was kissing a baby all day instead of eating your food.

that one photo is, indeed, a little creepy.

marc better hold tight onto that saint/lamb compliment.

lovely birthday full of lots of positive energy. you've arrived, reem. you've arrived.

Reem Tara said...

JD - check yr facebook inbox

Tara - I know - you were SO missed!

jx - I actually just LOLed. Gross. Thanks for threatening my friends on my behalf! And I'm glad you got to kiss a baby and do shots with me...what a perfect combination!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I had seen your blog 3 days ago....

nice flower photos ...I like flowers...^^